Living your spirituality in everyday life - CANCELLED

Du 23.05.2020 10:00 jusqu'au 24.05.2020 17:00
Kerry McCrory
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Stage: annulation officielle suite pandémie, mais séances de coaching individuelles maintenues
Nowadays, there is an all-out spiritual search in all areas, and more and more people seek a spirituality that can respond effectively to everyday challenges, especially in the area of human relationships.

Not a formal spirituality as we have too often known in the past, but a living spirituality which can be practiced from morning to evening and in absolutely all circumstances. Over thirty years ago, the workshop leader had  a very strong spiritual experience based on sending targeted love to all kinds of people, situations, and events. This practice allows you to stay all day long in a stimulating spiritual energy. It has been successfully "tested" from the death row of Texas to some of the poorest villages in the Sahel. So, come and join our very special 'Heart Centered and Life Inspirational Weekend' and discover an approach that has transformed thousands of lives around the world.

Saturday and Sunday the 23rd and 24th May 10am-5pm.
Location: Broughderg Area Development Association
123 Broughderg Road, Mountfield, BT79 8JN
Northern Ireland, UK

Cost (early bird to March 16) £86.83 (80 + 6.83 fee)
After March 16 £95 plus fee

Tickets: On this link

Contact for more information: Kerry McCrory 


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